Clyde A R C

Established 1865

Boating from Glasgow Rowing Club


In order to use the facilities at GRC we ask that you complete an induction which can be led by our captain.

Using boats in the container

There are a number of steps involved in removing boats from the container. These are: Place two tressels in the GRC yard to lay the boat on for the purposes of rigging. These tressels should not be placed so as to hinder the movement of cars in the GRC car park. Look out riggers for boat. If boat is inaccessible because of the presence of another boat then move the outside boat onto tressels, then move the boat you are using onto the tressels in the yard. Replace the boat that was in the way back onto the rack.

Rig boat

Following the one way system, move the boat to the steps Ensure that the gate to the steps is either locked or appears locked in the manner demonstrated during the induction. Boat with the bows facing down stream.

After the session

Move boat back to the tressels. Derig boat. Return boat and riggers to the container in exactly the same place that they were in before. So if your boat was behind another boat then it will be necessary to remove that boat, put your boat on the wall side of the rack and then replace the boat which was on the inside.

All boats when carried into and out from the container should be carried by two people where possible. Boats should only be carried by one person where there is no other option and where that person has previously demonstrated their competence at this task.